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A minor


Wednesday, January 29, 2003

My outed friend Remy posted some lyrics from "Hallelujah." As I wrote to Remy in an email (since he doesn't have a comment system yet) - only to realize that this is the stuff blogs were made of - I first heard "Hallelujah" in Shrek, and I was dumbstruck. What a beautiful song. Then I learned it was a Leonard Cohen original. I love Cohen, so I went out and bought Cohen Live because it included "Hallelujah."

I'd like to get either an earlier recording by Cohen (who did his live album when his voice was rather worn from hard living), or Wainwright's cover, or John Cale's cover, or - come to think of it - I was recently told that Jeff Buckley also did an incredible cover (which I haven't heard). I'm sure any of these would be fresher than Cohen's live version.

More interesting stuff on the recent generations of this song - namely, that the Shrek soundtrack has Wainwright's cover, but the song was actually sung by John Cale in the movie - can be found here and here.

On a tangential note, it's too bad Rufus Wainwright is gay. But I'm reminded of Rick's "Sexual sin" post from Friday, Jan 24.

jon :: link :: comment ::

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Congrats to Duane!

The humorist himself now has an article at Theologia. Here's a small quote that names and defines a wonderful term: "It might be appropriate then to term preaching which uses the Scriptures to incite the hearers to worship God exegetical doxology."

In other news, I say Christin and Duane should go head to head. Micah is right: Quite possibly, Christin is funnier. (See the comments to this post.)

jon :: link :: comment ::

Sunday, January 26, 2003

Another Blog Roll Update

Tonight I added some last names, changed a few titles, and discovered the new blogs of two Louisianans.

I first met James Marsalis (aka Son of Thunder) years ago. Things that come to mind: National Guard, gun shows, and James visiting Auburn Avenue, which he and his family later joined. Of late, I've mostly bumped into him in the comments of other Auburn Avenue bloggers, specifically Duane, Booth, Lamar, and Amanda.

Just a few weeks ago at the conference in Monroe, I was introduced to BJ Kennedy, a John Knoxer who seems to be quite the high church Puritan.

As a Louisiana boy in Idaho, I look forward to reading these two blogs!

jon :: link :: comment ::

Saturday, January 25, 2003

On Pastor Wilson and His "Short Credo on Heresy Charges"

Let me begin with a word about popularity. I am using the word in the broadest sense - that which people (Latin populi) know about - without any implications of liking or disliking. I think human popularity can be a powerful thing, and one which our Lord uses for His glory ("for Thine is the...power"). That said, I think Pastor Wilson is a great popularizer of the Reformed faith; of healthy Christian marriages, sex, and families; and of high church Puritanism. Of course, he is a quite a pundit, too, which is even more reason for his popularity.

Popularity aside, I know and love the man. He is my pastor, and I am grateful for his ministry. I have great respect for him and confidence in his leadership. However, I cannot see what good this new Credo is going to bring. My fear is that its tone will only harm the cause of recovering the objectivity of the covenant. There, I said it. For the record, I said it via email to Pastor Wilson first (yesterday), but I don't mind saying it in public, too, because the Credo is itself public.

I know both the prophets and Jesus used clever, barbed words against their enemies. However, their enemies were about to receive fire from heaven, and I don't think we're in a similar situation. I also don't think opponents of the objectivity of the covenant will have ears to hear our Credos, but we need to think about those who are still in the middle wavering back and forth while studying the issue.

Of course, I may just be a young ignoramus. I know I lack wisdom. Perhaps it's not for followers to question their leaders, but I'm inclined to think that only applies to small-minded followers (and leaders). The key is to bring questions with love and respect. As the writer to the Hebrews said, "Obey those who rule over you, and be submissive, for they watch out for your souls, as those who must give account. Let them do so with joy and not with grief, for that would be unprofitable."

Update (Wednesday, Jan 29): Pastor Wilson has posted a few new pieces here, including an amended "Short Credo on Heresy Charges."

jon :: link :: comment ::

Friday, January 24, 2003

Comments re. Wilson's "Short Credo on Heresy Charges"

I don't know about you, but I'm closely following the comments to this post.

jon :: link :: comment ::

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Song for a Snow Day

by Van Morrison

We shall walk again down along the lane
Down the avenue just like we used to do
With our heads so high, smile at passersby
Then we'll all softly sigh: ay, ay, ay, ay, ay

Everyone, everyone, everyone, everyone
Everyone, everyone, everyone, everyone

By the winding streams we shall lie and dream
We'll make dreams come true if we want them to
Yes all will come play the pipes and drum
Sing a happy song and we'll sing along

Chorus / Repeat first verse

You might think that "By the winding streams we shall lie and dream" would keep this from being a Snow Day song. But that didn't stop Ethan and I from dancing to it (indoors) in celebration of my day off. Good call, Tob!

jon :: link :: comment ::


Okay, I'm trying to rein in my blog roll. Really. But I had to add these. At least they're all real-life friends.

- Toby, my colleague at Atlas School

- Micah, a gal who lives in Monroe

- Remy, poet and closet blogger on newlywed sabbatical

Now we just have to wait for Deacon Blues. He has a cool, constellation-themed blog in the works, but, you see, he's a Management Information Systems major, so it takes him longer to figure out the technical aspects of blogging than the rest of us liberal arts folks! (No, truthfully, his local server just isn't saving comments on his self-authored comment system, so it's their fault, not his. He has more technical ability in his little finger than I have in all.)

Update: Deacon's blog is now up and running, complete with comments! Also, I added a link to Richard Okimoto, who is part of Providence Church (CRE), Lynchburg, VA - a church pastored by my real-life friend, Virgil Hurt.

jon :: link :: comment ::

Sunday, January 19, 2003

Ethan's First Communion

Today Ethan ate the tiniest pinch of bread. Then Hollie dipped her finger into her wine a couple times and let him suck away. He obviously enjoyed both very much. It was a beautiful sight.

Today we didn't just talk about the objectivity of the covenant - we had the privilage of doing something about it. (Link via Matt.)

jon :: link :: comment ::

Two Blogs Added:

- Jon Sutton
- Jonathan of JDominator

By the way, if you read any of Parnell McCarter's recent articles, check out Jonathan's post for a good laugh.

jon :: link :: comment ::

Atlas School Site

Thanks to Toby Sumpter, our school has the beginnings of a website: atlasschool.com.

jon :: link :: comment ::

Saturday, January 18, 2003

On Comments

Okay, here's the truth: I got into blogging for the comments. That's right, the comments. I love them; I really do. I started reading blogs and commenting on blogs, and I realized that, in order to get the full effect, I needed a blog of my own. Why? Because the bloggers whose blogs I so much enjoyed reading and commenting on - these bloggers needed to know who I was. So there you have it. This blog exists to support my reading & commenting habit.

With that out of the way, here are some recent commenting highlights:

Barlow finally returns to this discussion to post his 101st comment! Holy crow, that's a lot of comments! Plus, it's been a great discussion.

This weekend I had one of those commenting moments that I live for. I mentioned in passing on Jeff Meyers' blog that I'm considering RTS-Jackson, and I ended up getting seminary advice from the best of the best. To me, this sort of advice - and from these men - is truly priceless.

jon :: link :: comment ::

Friday, January 17, 2003

A New Bundle of Used Books

Tonight Hollie and Ethan and I had to get out of the house. After Wal-Mart and Kinko's, we went to Bucer's Coffeehouse Pub and the adjoining Ball & Cross Books. I still had a little gift money left from Christmas, so I decided to make a few used book purchases.

Here's what I picked up: Howard Clark Kee, The Origins of Christianity: Sources and Documents (Prentice-Hall, 1973); James Parkes, The Conflict of the Church and the Synagogue (New York: Meridian Books, 1961); Harry Munro, The Church as a School (St Louis: Bethany Press, 1929); Laird Harris, The Inspiration and Canonicity of the Bible (Zondervan, 1957); FF Bruce, The English Bible (Oxford UP, 1961); MC D'Arcy, SJ, The Mind and Heart of Love: A Study of Eros and Agape (New York: Meridian Books, 1956); Andrew Blackwood, The Fine Art of Public Worship (Abingdon, 1939).

Not bad for $45, huh?

jon :: link :: comment ::

Thursday, January 16, 2003

Three Blogs Added:

Richard, Jim, and my good friend, Booth. Interestingly enough, these fellows all use the same template - the "John Barach template," as I call it.

jon :: link :: comment ::

Monday, January 13, 2003

AAPC 2003 Links

This list, arranged in no particular order, is primarily for my own benefit. I will update it as necessary. (Click "Comment" to see what has been updated or added.) Please let me know of other links I should add.

jon :: link :: comment ::

Sunday, January 12, 2003

Quick Notes Before Church

1. Today we start using our new hymnal-psalters at church. No more photocopied music sheets! I'm quite pleased with how the Cantus Christi turned out - a nice, blue clothbound book. Apparently there was a problem with the print quality in some copies, but ours look okay (with the exception of a typo in Pastor Wilson's preface). The church gave one copy per two family members, and they rounded up, so we got two copies. Now we just have to remember to carry them to church!

2. I updated my blog roll, adding Amanda, Lamar, Nick, Sora, and Wayne Whitmer. I also changed all of your blog titles to the name by which I identify you; exceptions include bloggers with the same first names (for whom I simply added last names) or who are concerned about identy theft. Let me know if you would like me to change your title.

jon :: link :: comment ::

Friday, January 10, 2003

Another "Grace Covenant"

I just found this page (via an old Barlow Farms comment), which contains links to lots of familiar folks.

I tried to visit Grace Covenant Church (CRE) in Nacogdoches, TX, where my good friend Aaron Booth was teaching Sunday School during my holiday trip, but it did not end up working out for me to go. I've heard of Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church (CRE) in the Houston area (not to be confused with Grace Covenant Baptist Church, also in the Houston area, nor the "original" Texarkana Grace Covenant [CRE]), but I don't recall seeing their well-designed site before tonight.

Good thing reformed evangelicals in east Texas are so creative when it comes to naming churches!

jon :: link :: comment ::

"Home again, home again, jiggity jig!"

We made it back to Moscow Wednesday evening, and I started teaching again yesterday.

We had a great time in Monroe. I don't know where to begin with the Auburn Avenue Pastors Conference, so I'll leave it alone for now. Besides, the best part was the people. I gave John Barach a ride to Enoch's Pub; Jessie gave Barb and me a ride to Duane & Sarah's lunch, where I met John Butler and had a great chat with Rich Lusk; and perhaps best of all was the lengthy conversation Matt and I had Tuesday night. Another highlight of the conference: Jeff Steel told me he thought Louisiana Presbytery would endorse me as a chaplain candidate. Add to this a constant stream of get-togethers with dear old friends and family (plus lots of driving and shopping), and you have our trip. I cannot fully express my gratitude to Hollie's parents for such a delightful holiday.

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Thursday, January 2, 2003

Recent RPCUS Lectures

Here are three audio lectures (dated Nov 27, 2002) from Jeff Black, Paul McDade, and Henry Johnson, the three authors of the RPCUS resolution, "A Call to Repentance." Jeff Steel, pastor of John Knox Church, Ruston, LA, recommended that all Auburn Avenue Pastors Conference attendees listen to these in advance.

Near the end of his lecture, "The Frozen Word," Jeff Black said:
I've just been informed via John Robbins and Henry Johnson that there's a website you might enjoy going to - "enjoy" is the wrong word - that will show you something of where this stuff is going in the short-term: johnknoxpca.org.

I guess John Knox is on the road to Auburn Avenue infamy!

jon :: link :: comment ::

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