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A minor


Friday, May 16, 2003

Speaking of Joel Garver...

2003 BH Conference
July 21-25

Phone: 850-897-5299
Email: jbjordan4@cox.net
Address: Biblical Horizons, Box 1096, Niceville, FL 32588

Monday, July 21
Noon Registration begins
4:00pm James B. Jordan, Exposition of Daniel 10-12 (I) and familiarization practice for the Vespers sung liturgy.
5:30pm Dinner (on your own)
7:00pm Vespers; Rich Bledsoe, topic to be announced

Tuesday, July 22
7:45am Coffee & Doughnuts & Fruit
8:20am Jordan II
9:30am Peter J. Leithart, The Biblical Understanding of Justification (I)
10:45am Break
11:15am Joel Garver, Postmodernism and Christian Orthodoxy (I)
12:30pm Lunch
2:00pm Film watch & discussion: Fritz Lang's Metropolis*
7:00pm Vespers; John Barach, On Liturgical Preaching

Wednesday, July 23
7:45am Kauphy & Deaunnoughts & Phroot
8:20am Jordan III
9:30am Leithart II
10:45am Break
11:15am Garver II
12:30pm Lunch
2:00pm Film watch & discussion: Andrei Tarkovsky's Solyaris (I)*
7:00pm Vespers; Bledsoe

Thursday, July 24
7:45am Qafi & Donutz & Fruut
8:20am Jordan IIII
9:30am Leithart III
10:45am Break
11:15am Garver III
12:30pm Lunch
2:00pm Film watch & discussion: Solyaris (II)*
7:00pm Vespers; Bill DeJong, The Nature of the Covenant: The 1944 Theological Controversy in the Netherlands

Friday, July 25
7:45am Coughee & Nuts-of-Dough & Phruyghte
8:20am Jordan V
9:30am Jeffrey J. Meyers on the Trinity
10:45am Break
11:15am Garver IIII
12:30pm Conference ends

*We will have the film discussions in the afternoons if we can work out the logistics, and if enough people are interested.

"Continental breakfast" is provided by the Conference at 7:45am and throughout the morning. Other meals are on your own.

The singing at the Conference consists of hymns and psalms in various styles. The Vespers service consists of a sung liturgy, and the opening session on Monday afternoon includes a practice session, so try to arrive by 4:00pm Monday.

Dress is casual for the daytime sessions - many wear shorts and sandals - but we do request these not be worn for the evening Vespers services.
The cost of the Conference is $75.00 per person (one notebook), or $100 per family (two notebooks). Additional notebooks are $25.00 each. Prepayment is not required, but we appreciate knowing if you plan to attend so that we can prepare. Also, you will need for us to send you a map showing how to get to the meeting place.
Trinity Presbyterian Church, Valparaiso, Florida

Updated Monday, May 19: I have posted more details and a revised schedule. Click "Comment" for additional info.

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