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A minor


Thursday, July 10, 2003

Citywide Church
Today I was reminded of a provocative quote from "Post-Reformation Church" by Andrew Jones (the only one of my BlogTree parents with whom I have never even corresponded):

The City Church. Is God introducing a new chapter in Church History? Imagine Christians meeting in your area or city again in two places, just like in New Testament days: 1. "from house to house", decentralized in many housechurches, and 2. meeting repeatedly at a real big and central place, a modern version of "Solomons Colonade"; a big hall or stadium. In the houses they would authentically share lives together, live organic fellowship and thus be a true shopping window of God for their neighborhood. In the large citywide celebrations they would mark their unity in Christ, express the fact that they belong together, have a big festival together and allow as many housechurches as possible to click together for the big vision and take on the shape of a regional transdenominational gospel movement. That would, just like it did before, truly transform whole cities and regions through the gospel of the Kingdom of God. And nobody could deny that "you have filled Jerusalem with this teaching" (Acts 5:28).
Now I'm not a housechurcher. I don't think there's anything wrong with meeting for church in houses, but I don't think it's ideal for all situations, and I certainly don't think it's an any sort of NT obligation. I have appreciated the signature of Denver church planter, John White, especially the last part: "Every believer a church planter. Every home a church. Every church building a training center" [emphasis mine].

Back to Jones' quote, I think everything he says about "housechurches" can be applied to congregations. Try reading the paragraph again, substituting the word "congregation" for "house."

Wow. That's quite a vision.

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