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A minor


Monday, July 28, 2003

Law and Love Quote
Now that I have an occasional banner ad from Still Waters Revival advertising a Gary North book (strangely enough), here's a quote from Doug Wilson's booklet Law and Love: Constructive Criticism for Reconstructionists (Moscow: Ransom Press, no date, p 7), which I finally saw for the first time today, thanks to my father-in-law's extensive Reconstructionist library:

In his essay "Confrontation With Bureaucracy," Mr North concludes an otherwise admirable paragraph with a strange version of Christian exhortation - "Sue the bastards!"

Confronted with this, Gary North could no doubt reply that the individuals to whom he was referring were not legitimate sons of God, and were in fact bastards. Fine. True enough. But this just demonstrates further his difficulty in carrying a biblical tune - and also demonstrates that he may in fact be tone deaf.
And here's the kicker:

I do not say this because I disagree with Gary North (although I frequently do), but because it is an embarrassment to agree with him. And because Gary North has a good theological mind, it not uncommon for Christians to find themselves in frequent agreement with the content of what he says. They therefore find themselves frequently embarrassed by the way he carries on. [Emphasis original]
You know, I've been pretty embarassed by some of the things Doug Wilson has published over the last year or so (e.g. the familiar jabs in Credenda and a "Short Credo" or two on the Christ Church website), and A Serrated Edge hasn't suddenly made it all better. I wonder if Mr Wilson would (or could) write Law and Love again today?

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