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A minor


Thursday, January 29, 2004

For Further Investigation

Having looked forward to the publication of Peter Leithart's doctoral thesis for some time, it was with great joy that I recently acquired a copy. I knew the overall thesis/case, which I thought was wonderful and very helpful. But I also thought it raised as many questions as it answered - at least it did in my mind - and I looked forward to reading Dr Leithart's answers. So, as I began acquainting myself with this "great cathedral of a book," I looked at the "For Further Investigation" section on the last two pages, where I read:

1. My study of baptismal priesthood needs to be supplemented by a theology of ordination and pastoral ministry. Paul himself drew analogies between New Covenant apostle and Old Testament priest (1 Cor. 9:13-14). How do these analogies fit into the typology I have defended? If, as I have argued, one cannot make a complete and direct transfer from the authority of the Aaronic priests to that of the Christian pastor, on what biblical/theological basis might this authority be founded? What is significance of the ordination rite of laying on of hands? What Old Testament rite does it "conjugate"? More specifically, what implications does the typology of baptismal priesthood hold for women's ordination? Does the typology undermine the basis for the clerical monopoly in the administration of the sacraments?
"He just asked all of my questions and then left them open-ended," I laughed to myself in disbelief. But at least he's honest.

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