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A minor


Wednesday, February 4, 2004

My Parents Watch Too Much HGTV

Before our move to Monroe, Jon and I sold most of our furniture in hopes of making the long haul across country less difficult. We have been here about 4 months now and still have yet to replace everything (who needs a kitchen table anyway?). It's been a slow process but hey, isn't that the way we Amoses do things? One of our finds was an ecru colored couch for a whopping $25. I had grandiose dreams of recovering it and ending up with a new fabulous piece of furniture. Yea right. Finding the right fabric (at the right price) took weeks. Then after the purchase had taken place, it had to sit around for another month or so...I like to call this the "simmering stage". I think I would have stopped there if my mother hadn't jumped to the rescue and started prying the old cloth off the couch. Wonder Mom then took the pieces home and used them to cut out the new panels. Another week or so went by and then, magic happened. Momma and Daddy (armed with hydraulic staple gun) tackled the couch and in a matter of hours, had most of it done. It's still missing the back side and cushions but I can already say without any hesitation that my couch is beeeyoootiful. I expended minimal energy and spent under $100. Now that's what I call a deal.

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