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A minor


Sunday, January 9, 2005

Familiar Work Transitions
My life seems to move forward in concentric circles or cycles. I've been to three different colleges as an undergraduate - and two of them twice, moving back and forth as I have from Monroe to Moscow and back to Monroe (in 1995), then to Moscow again (Christmas Eve '98) and back to Monroe (October 2003). I've worked for Kinko's uninterrupted since early '98, in various positions, in three different states, and alternating between full-time and part-time while studying, teaching, or working elsewhere full-time. Thankfully, my work transitions (into different positions or combinations of jobs) have always been positive - more money, responsibility, valuable experience, job satisfaction, etc.

On Friday, I was formally offered and accepted a management position with FedEx Kinko's. Starting sometime in the week of January 17, I will become assistant manager here in Monroe.

This has been in the works for a little while, but it's finally about to "go live." A month and a half ago, I informed my boss at Grace Church, Father Riley, that I would very likely be taking full-time employment elsewhere after the first of the year, and I gave notice a couple weeks ago, with a promise that I would propose some ways to remain "on staff" at the church in some capacity, be it part-time, volunteer, or as an outsource. My proposal is still in draft form - still needs to be fleshed out a bit, in my opinion - but the Executive Committee of the Vestry is supposed to discuss it this coming Sunday. I would like to continue working for the parish, and I believe they feel very much the same way. I don't know yet how much work my schedule and the church's budget will accomodate, but we'll see.

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