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A minor


Sunday, September 18, 2005

Recent Leithart
"Who May Do the Sacraments?" and "Who May Do the Sacraments? Again" are both well worth reading. If I were independently wealthy, I would offer to fund a sabbatical for their author, my former pastor and teacher, in part to give him time to work on that follow-up to his dissertation* that he planned/plans to do on ordination. What would/will it be called, though, I wonder. The Priesthood of the Patricians? The Priesthood of the Fathers?

Dr Leithart also has a piece against pluralism in the current Touchstone. It's not online, though; the Fellowship of St James has to pay the bills somehow, you know?

But it's posts like the above and like his most recent ten blog entries (starting with "Isaiah 61" and going back to "Marilynne Robinson") that reflect Dr Leithart's ecclectic genius. (I especially enjoyed the posts in there on art and poetry, inspired by some Rowan Williams lectures and a David Jones essay.)
* A theology of baptism and the baptismal priesthood, The Priesthood of the Plebs, written under John Milbank, the Anglo-Catholic political-philosophical theologian and Radical Orthodoxy author. Following his tenure at Cambridge and the University of Virginia, Milbank is currently Professor in Religion, Politics and Ethics in the Department of Theology, University of Nottingham, where he is also Director of the new Centre of Theology and Philosophy.

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