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A minor


Friday, October 21, 2005

Confessions of a Coupon Clipper
I'm a bargain shopper. Plain and simple. I can spot a clearance tag from a mile away. It's not abnormal for me to go so far as to get a price adjustment/refund for a grand sum of 14 cents. It is only natural then that I should clip coupons. Some may argue that this borders on old ladyish but let's face it, I have no shame. The real joy (and geekiness) comes with double coupon days. I organize my coupons in order of how the products are displayed in the store and then make a corresponding shopping list complete with discount prices. That way I can skim the aisles without having to shuffle wads of paper. It's all about efficiency, folks. Remember that game show called Supermarket Sweep? My dream was to be a contestant...running down the aisles, filling my shopping cart with rump roast and diapers, and racing back to the finish. I could have beat the pants off any of those frumpy housewives. The show has long been off the air (what, not enough enthusiastic shoppers out there?) and with it goes my chance of super fame. Ah well, I'll get my kicks this weekend anyway...Albertsons has double coupons calling my name.

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