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A minor


Friday, October 28, 2005

Gibbs the Writer
Our friend Joshua Gibbs has a story being favorably considered for publication by McSweeney's. A while back I suggested that he submit something to them - I'm sure he'd read McSweeney's before, probably more than I - but forgive me if I feel proud of my boy.

Here's something else Josh wrote recently:

One problem that postmillenialists continually face is an inability to believe the future might actually be here. "One day, we'll bring back dancing and cymbals to worship, just like they do in the Bible. Until then, we'll just fling shit at the people who already do those things." Isn't postmillenialism about progress? About getting better? Isn't change implied in things getting better? The church fathers are like your fathers. Love them, honor them- but damn it, man, you're 35, you don't need their permission to cross the street. Leave the house, quit tugging on your mothers skirt- you're a grown man and you're starting to get creepy. Take some chances, risk heartbreak, risk not pleasing them in order to please them. The church fathers did a fine job raising you, just like your earthly father did- but it's not disrespectful to either if you have a few ideas of your own. Hell, they did. You saw the way your dad raised you, you don't agree with everything he did, even though he did a good job. You've got a few radically different ideas of your own. You're going to fine your son five hundred dollars if you ever catch him with pornography, you're going to buy him a car the day he turns sixteen, you're going to give your daughter a dozen roses every week, you're going to make a handwritten copy of the Bible and give it to your first grandson- you're not going to make your kids eat every last bite on their plates, you're going to spank with a hand and not a spoon because it means love not distance, you're going to spend Thanksgiving in a soup kitchen.
We need more writing like this. I sure hope Josh gets published - and that he would then get published more and more.

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