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A minor


Monday, November 7, 2005

RO & Reformed + Sufjan
Amazon still hasn't shipped my birthday gifts, but here's a review of a new book co-edited by Jamie Smith - a review that just so happens to make a passing reference to Sufjan Stevens. Maybe I'll cancel my Amazon order, buy the book(s) from Hearts & Minds, and find the album some place where it's in stock.

Here's a quote from the review:
Forgive me if this shoots a bit afar from what many of you may find helpful. But I am so eager to be the first to tell sombody [sic] about this, that I have to cite it tonight. It is book which makes a connection between an obscure tradition and an even more obscure one. Nobody said this would be easy. Radical Orthodoxy and the Reformed Tradition: Creation, Covenant and Participation is a dense collection of wide-ranging essays edited by Calvin College postmodern prof - say it like RoboCop, PomoProf - James K. A. Smith, and his mentor, psychotherapist and Christian philospher, emeritus at Toronto's Institute for Christian Studies, James Olthuis.
And again:
But, rather than counter the bankruptcy of theological (and classic) liberalism, et al, with conservative evangelicalism or old school orthodoxy, this largely Anglo-Catholic theological movement invites a reappropriation, a rather postmodern reappropriation of St. Augustine and - gasp! - St. Thomas Aquinas.
I really need to get this book. Here's my nagging question, though: Why wasn't Peter Leithart invited to contribute to the volume, i.e. to give a paper at the 2003 conference at Calvin? He is, after all, a Reformed academic and minister whose doctoral supervisor was Dr Radical Orthodoxy himself, John Milbank. What gives?

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