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A minor


Friday, December 9, 2005

Advent Calendars
We'd been looking for an Advent calendar for a couple weeks. Then we went into Toys"R"Us one day and saw the Playmobil Animal Christmas Advent calendar (which sets up like this) on sale for $15. Now, I'm probably one of the few Southern American guys my age who played with Playmobil as a child (all because my mom once found a police set on sale at K-Mart or somewhere...Kmart Manager 1: "Who the hell ordered these weird German toys?" Kmart Manager 2: "Beats me." Kmart Manager 1: "Clearance those ugly things."), and I really enjoyed it. However, this eventually led to my brothers' having so much Playmobil that, with all their cops, robbers, coyboys, Indians, pirates, warriors, etc, they could probably end the war in Iraq tomorrow if they really wanted. So I was reluctant to buy another Playmobil set for our Advent calendar, and we kept shopping. But seeing as there's not much of a retail Advent calendar market, we didn't find much. (We did, however, find some fun online calendars, one for kids, one for adults, one for the not-necessarily-Christian - even one for mainline Presbyterians!) In the end, though, we bought the Playmobil one, and I'm glad we did. Our boys have been enjoying it so much that I'm sure they'll remember it for years to come. And so the tradition endures....

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