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A minor


Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Idaho Trip
I spent a while writing this the other night before losing it, but I'll try to reconstruct it now. (See, if I had a Johari Window, you could pick "persistent"...not that it's even in the list.)

A couple weeks ago, we took a long weekend trip to visit my family in Idaho. Hollie posted some family pictures on the boys' blog. Despite flight complications coming and going, Finn couldn't have been a better flyer. (Ethan & Levi stayed home with Hollie's parents since it was cost prohibitive for them to fly this time, especially for such a short trip.)

Since we ended up with two full travel days, I had a fair amount of time to read. Soon, I plan to post more quotes from Howatch's Glamorous Powers, but here's one for now that stuck in my mind because it made me think of Hollie. Speaking of her mother and her mother's effect on her father, a character says, "She was a very sensible, down-to-earth person and she wouldn't let him retreat into this fantasy world...."

We went to Trinity and enjoyed their liturgy, which largely follows the old LCA red Service Book & Hymnal's Second Setting by Regina Fryxell. Dr Leithart gave a refreshing exhortation (and sermon) from the end of Ecclesiastes; see also his further application of "casting bread on the waters."

More than anything, though, we enjoyed our time, brief as it was, visiting family and catching up with friends. It was especially nice to finally meet our new little niece, Evelyn, and to spend time with my little brothers who are more grown up everytime I see them.

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