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A minor


Monday, June 5, 2006

Why Hospital Chaplaincy?
I've noted here and elsewhere my growing interest in pursuing hospital chaplaincy. I grew up around medicine, hospitals, etc. My dad is a pharmacist and sometime medical business owner who's worked in hospitals, retail, and home health. I considered a career in medicine - was a biology/pre-med major for a year or so and enjoyed my major courses but enjoyed my Latin courses more - and ultimately I couldn't escape a sense of calling to ministry. However, I don't feel called to a traditional solo pastorate, at least not anytime soon. I had hoped to become a National Guard chaplain, but military chaplaincy seems to be out for me due to the fact that I have to take daily (thyroid) meds. Still, I'm drawn to hospital chaplaincy for many of the same reasons I was drawn to military chaplaicy, and others besides.

For instance, I'm accustomed to and sympathetic toward medical and health issues. I have a natural curiosity to learn about the body, its diseases and disorders, and its regenerative abilities. Hollie, who went through college on a biology scholarship, always asks me to give diagnoses and explain treatments, medications, dosages, etc. Also, I have no fear of death, and I believe I could help comfort the dying and their loved ones. I can think of few things I'd rather do than offer support to the suffering. And, not to put too much stock in childish impressions, but every time I go to the hospital or watch House or ER, I'm struck with a sense that I ought to minister in such an environment. Slightly more objectively, I've been encouraged by more than one hospital staff physician who's said I have the right personality for chaplaincy. We'll see what happens.

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