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A minor


Monday, October 23, 2006

Nashotah's Proposed MA
I'm more and more interested in this program, especially after talking with Grace's new curate, the Revd Deacon Bill Estes, who finished his MTS at Nashotah in May. Bill's background is Presbyterian and Reformed Episcopal, and he's good friends with Franklin Sanders (who himself is now vicar of an REC mission church in Lawrenceburg, TN, Christ Our Hope). Here's the proposed degree program design:

The proposed requirement for the M.A. in Ministry degree is 48 semester hours of credit to be earned by taking eight six-credit modules, one at a time [each costing about $2,000, making the degree's total tuition around $16,000 -jon]. Modules are planned to be approximately three months in duration and consist of one week of intensive residential study on the Nashotah House campus with the remainder of the module consisting of lectures, assignments and class interaction through online distance education. The eight modules will be based on the seven subject areas specified for ordination preparation in the Episcopal Church Canons of the General Convention, Title III, Canon 8, Section 4, item (e).
While I'm sure it would be better, faster, and even easier in some ways to just move to Nashotah and become a regular, residential student there, this seems like a good alternative in the event that such a move weren't feasible, or until such a move were feasible. Plus, it would cut down on the required amount of time in residence at Nashotah to earn the MDiv, probably cutting 3-4 years down to 1 or 2. This is an especially big pro for Hollie since she can hardly bear the thought of spending even one winter in the Milwaukee area.

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